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Macau Expo Group Limited

Macau Expo Group Limited

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Macau Expo Group-MEG, is one of the leading conference and event specialists in Macao with over 17 successful years in the Conference, Exhibition and Events industry. We have a committed team of professionals based in Macao & Mainland China, which gives us the ability to provide local support in Greater China wide.


  • Professional Conference Organizer

    The largest PCO base in Macao




  • 联系信息

    Macau Expo Group Limited
    Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Nam Kwong Building 13/K Macau Macau 澳门特别行政区
    Tel:  +853 2871 5616
    Fax:  +853 2871 5606


  1. 产品
    专业会议组织公司 (PCO)
  2. 国家
    亚洲 (不包括中国)
    • 中国澳门
    • 中国香港

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