Howard Johnson Sunshine Plaza Ningbo

Howard Johnson Sunshine Plaza Ningbo

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Howard Johnson Sunshine Plaza Ningbo is located at West Zhongshan Road , a few steps from the commercial and shopping center. Guests enjoy spectacular views from 25-story building. Its excellent location and extensive facilities make this five-star hotel the ideal choice for business travel and exciting vacations. The conference and banquet space covers a floor area of 1600 m2 and 800m2 Astylar Ballroom, an ideal venue for all kinds of business and social events. The business Center offers full services including rental of audio-visual equipment and other advanced facilities and services.



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    Howard Johnson Sunshine Plaza Ningbo
    1288 West Zhongshan Road ,Haishu District,Ning Bo Zhengjiang Province,P.R.China Ning Bo 315016 中国
    Tel:  0574-5571 9999-8574
    Fax:  0574-5571 9991


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    • 5星级酒店
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    • 中国南部其他地区

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